Dear Parent,

Does your child have an allergy?

Please note that, in line with medical advice, we now require all parents of children with allergies to provide us with a letter from their Doctor or Dietitian to confirm the child’s allergy and to give us information about:

  • How to prevent exposure to allergens
  • How to recognize the symptoms of allergic reaction
  • How to treat the allergic reaction
  • If the child requires any specialist nutrition products

If this affects your child, please show this letter to your GP or Dietitian.


From January 2013 Pastures Way Nursery School requires a confirmation letter to be in place before your child can be left unaccompanied in nursery. We will not diagnose allergies ourselves or eliminate foods from a child’s diet without medical advice.


Once we have received the confirmation letter, our SENCo will liaise with you to ensure your child is given the best possible allergy care and support in nursery, and to ensure we have appropriate medication (if necessary) stored in nursery. This information will then be shared with all staff. Our SENCo will also liaise with your health care providers if needed.


With regard to food allergies, we post a list of children with food allergies in our food preparation and serving areas (care will be given to confidentiality issues) to ensure that children with food allergies avoid contact with food that may cause an allergic reaction. Please note, we will make every effort to ensure your child is not treated differently and will be given a dish which is similar in appearance and texture to the main dish of the day.


A copy of our full allergy policy is available from the school office.

Thank you for your help with this.

Yours sincerely,

Sue Moss

(Acting) Head Teacher