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Children’s Centre believe that children and adults have an entitlement to visit, work and play in a clean, safe, litter free environment. We want to actively contribute to reducing landfill and so will reduce, recycle and reuse wherever possible.


Written By:

This policy was written by the Eco School Working Party comprising of staff and parents. It has been approved by the whole school staff, wider school and children’s centre community and the governing body.



When planning for educating children about litter, staff will:

  • Look for      opportunities to encourage children to put litter in the correct bin
  • Create      opportunities to share information texts, stories,  rhymes and songs about litter either in      our story and group times or during the session indoors or outdoors
  • Plan the      setting to reflect the importance of litter disposal through signs,      notices and books
  • Make sure      that children see adults modelling and encouraging children to dispose of      litter in the correct bin


  • We will      risk assess the outdoor areas each morning to ensure that no hazardous      waste has entered our outdoor play areas
  • We will      ensure litter bins are visible
  • We will      ensure red recycling bins are clearly labelled with photo labels and words
  • We will      ensure the compost caddies are clearly labelled
  • At the      end of each session in over 3s all children and staff will tidy up the      area they are in and outdoors will participate in litter picking
  • At the      end of each session in Babies and Toddlers children will be encouraged to      help tidy up
  • At the      end of each breakfast and tea session children will be encouraged to help      tidy up and put litter in the correct bin
  • All      indoor bins are emptied daily, but where there is little refuse in the      bin, the contents of the bin will be emptied into a general refuse sack      and the plastic bin liner will not be changed, but reused for the      following day
  • Compost      caddies will be emptied into the compost bins daily by a parent volunteer      with a small group of children
  • We will      use reusable wipes after snacks and meals
  • We use      hand dryers where provided eg in over 3s and the crèche, rather than paper      towels
  • We will      educate children through story and group times, and our anti litter song
  • We will      recycle stamps, batteries and print cartridges (not Epsom) in boxes      provided in the reception area
  • We will      annually collect and recycle clothes as we are not able to have permanent      provision



We have at least one general bin and one red recycling bin in every area of nursery. In the over 3s outdoor area there are 2 general bins and one red recycling bin. In the jungle garden there is one general bin and two compost bins. In the school refuse area there are 3 general bins, 3 recycling bins and 1 yellow bin. In the food areas in the kitchen, class 4, crèche, family room and staff room, there are compost caddies. In the over 3s outdoor area there is litter picking equipment stored in the shed for staff and children to use. In the reception area there are recycling boxes for the following: stamps, batteries, and print cartridges.


Equal Opportunity

All children, staff and visitors are expected to follow our anti litter policy and contribute to keeping our environment clean, safe and litter free. To ensure inclusion we will:

  • Involve      parents / carers, during their induction to nursery, to help us explain to      their children about keeping the nursery litter free
  • Be      sensitive and supportive to children for whom English is an additional      language – using their home language when appropriate and picture cues
  • Respond      to any difficulties in children’s language development and understanding      by using alternative and augmentative forms of communication such as visual      cues, signing, PECS and Braille
  • Clearly      label bins with picture and word labels and ensure they are of a height      children over – 2 can reach


Responsibility, management and coordination

  • The Site Manager is responsible for coordinating general refuse and recycling collection across the site
  • The Deputy Head is also the Eco School Coordinator and responsible for encouraging use of additional recycling collection
  • The Eco School Working Party school staff are responsible for leading

anti litter teaching and learning in the nursery


Agreed by Governors:  Jan  2011

Review Date: Jan 2014