This policy should be read in conjunction with our policies for mobile phones, cameras and social networking. Please also see policies for ICT and safeguarding.


Written By:

This policy was written by the Deputy Head and SENCo – who are also the named Designated Safeguarding Staff. It has been approved by the whole school staff and the governing body.



The Internet is an essential element in 21st century life for education, business and social interaction. Pastures Way Nursery School has a duty to provide children with quality Internet access as part of their learning experience. Internet use is a part of the EYFS curriculum and a necessary tool for staff and pupils.


Managing Internet Access

  • The School ICT systems security will be reviewed regularly.
  • Virus protection will be updated regularly.


Published content and the school web site

  • The contact details given on our website are of the school office.
  • The Head Teacher will take overall editorial responsibility and ensure that
  • content is accurate and appropriate.


Publishing children’s images and work

  • Photographs that include nursery children will be selected carefully so that individual pupils cannot be identified or their image misused. We will consider using group photographs or backs of children rather than full-face photos of individual children.
  • Children’s full names will not be used anywhere on a school website or other on-line space, particularly in association with photographs.
  • Written permission from parents or carers will be obtained before photographs of children are published on the school Web site.
  • Parents have the option to request whether or not their child’s photos are used on our school website and staff are aware of children whose images are not be shared.


Managing emerging technologies

Emerging technologies will be examined for educational benefit and a risk assessment will be carried out before use in school is allowed.

The Senior Leadership Team should note that technologies such as mobile phones with wireless Internet access can bypass school filtering systems and present a new route to undesirable material and communications. Staff will be issued with a school phone where contact with parents/carers is required.


Protecting personal data

Personal data will be recorded, processed, transferred and made available according to the Data Protection Act 1998.


Handling e-safety complaints

Complaints of Internet misuse will be dealt with by a senior member of staff.

Any complaint about staff misuse must be referred to the headteacher.

Complaints of a safeguarding nature must be dealt with in accordance with school safeguarding procedures. (The Luton e-Safety Policy has a flowchart of responses to an incident of concern.)

Parents will be informed of the complaints procedure (see schools complaints policy)


Policy Decisions

Authorising Internet access

  • The school will maintain a current record of all staff who are granted access to school ICT systems.
  • Parents accessing the internet during family learning sessions will be using agreed educational websites during the activity, and will be closely supervised by the adult learning tutor
  • The laptop providing internet access for parent use is sited in the reception waiting area with the screen facing the office, so that staff can monitor its use.


Assessing risks

  • The school takes all reasonable precautions to prevent access to inappropriate material. However, due to the international scale and linked nature of Internet content, it is not possible to guarantee that unsuitable material will never appear on a computer connected to the school network. Neither the school, LBC or the LSCB can accept liability for any material accessed, or any consequences of Internet access.
  • The school will regularly review use to establish if the e-safety policy is adequate and that the implementation of the e-safety policy is appropriate and effective.
  • The school will ask all parents of new children to sign the internet use agreement at the home visit.
  • The school will liaise with local organisations to establish a common approach to e-safety.


Staff and the e-safety policy

  • All staff are given the school e-safety policy and its importance explained.
  • Staff are informed that network and Internet traffic can be monitored and traced to the individual user.
  • External staff hired to manage our filtering systems will work to clear procedures for reporting issues.
  • Staff will always use a child friendly safe search engine when accessing the web with pupils.


Community use of the Internet

The school will liaise with local organisations, including Meadows Children’s centre and schools in the WAP partnership, to establish a common approach to e-safety.


Enlisting parents’ and carers’ support

Parents and carers attention will be drawn to the School e-safety policy in newsletters, the school brochure and on the school Web site and resources will be accessible through the learning platform.


Responsibility, management and coordination

Designated safeguarding staff


Agreed by Governors: June 2013

Review Date: June 2015