Sharing our curriculum with parents/carers…




  • Sing songs with your child  – find reasons to sing – maybe a wake up song, a tidy up song, a getting dressed song  – change words of  favourite songs (even pop songs) to fit what you are doing
  • At bedtime sing your child a lullaby or favourite song to help them fall asleep
  • Listen to a variety of musical styles in the house or car, e.g. children’s songs, pop, reggae, classical, jazz, music from your own culture etc.
  • Put on some music and dance – find some scarves and wave them around in rhythm  to the music
  • Fill empty plastic (water) bottles with different types of beans, rice, lentils and shake them to hear the different sounds (glue or tape the lids closed)
  • Bang your saucepans with wooden spoons as you sing along to favourite songs


What is Expressive Arts and Design?

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum splits this area of learning into two strands:

-Exploring & using media & materials: This is about how children experiment with different creative materials e.g. music, sounds, patterns & movement, & use different tools & techniques e.g. paint.

-Being Imaginative: This is about children’s pretend play e.g. in the home corner or other role play area, block play, small world play or music.

More about  Music…

Music helps children’s brain development, concentration, language skills and physical co-ordination. Research has shown that children who are actively involved with music (who play it or sing it regularly):

  • Do better in reading and maths when they start school
  • Are more able to focus attention and control their bodies
  • Play better with others and have higher self-esteem
  • Are more able to express their feelings 

How do we help music development in nursery?

  • We have daily songs and rhymes in our story and talking time sessions which builds confidence in using language
  • We give children access to a wide range of musical instruments in our music area
  • We give children opportunities to play dancing, singing and music games

What can you do to help?

Now that you understand how important music is to your young child’s development, try to take time each day to sing, dance, move and play together. As a whole, music has a positive impact on every aspect of a child’s early development. Dancing and action songs can accelerate your child’s physical health and development. Music can calm and soothe your child, get them in the mood to be active, and take them through a wide range of emotions. In addition, singing and dancing with others will help to promote their social skills – what could be more fun than clapping and dancing with friends and family!

Please ask your child’s Key Person for more information