Sharing Our Curriculum With Parents/Carers


Supporting your child’s learning in




  • Look through family photos together and talk about events that have happened previously (history)
  • Go to the park  – think about directions and what you see on your journey eg street signs and the sequence of traffic lights (geography). Explore nature look for worms, smell flowers, make mud pies, jump in a puddle etc (nature)
  • Play with torches to explore light and dark or make shadows – shine a light behind your child and make shadows on a wall (science – light)
  • Blow bubbles and notice how they float in the air and then pop ! (science – forces)
  • Cook with your child (even if it’s just toast or scrambled eggs) and discuss what is happening to the ingredients (science – materials)
  • Plant/ Grow even in the smallest flower pot! Cress seeds are really easy to grow (on damp tissues) and available from supermarkets (science – growth)


What is Understanding the World?

Understanding the World is about how children get to know about other people, the place where they live and about all aspects of the environment. Children gain an understanding of the world from an early age through first-hand real-life experiences and play. Children are given opportunities to find out about History, Geography, Science, and Design & Making (eg woodwork) in a meaningful way.     

How do we help at nursery?

We support children in developing the knowledge, skills and understanding that help them to make sense of the world indoors, outdoors and through Forest School Activities. We encourage them to enjoy experimenting and investigating the world around them. We offer opportunities for them to use a range of tools safely, encounter creatures, people, plants and objects in their natural environments and in real-life situations; undertake practical experiments; and work with a range of materials. We encourage children to problem solve, make decisions about what to investigate and work out how to do it. We include Understanding of the World stories, songs and imaginative play in our story and group. times. Sometimes we have visitors to nursery to enhance children’s learning in this area e.g. visiting animals, science shows. We also offer educational visits to places of interest such as the Science and Natural History Museums, woodland walks etc. These first hand experiences in key skills help them to develop confidence and understanding in this subject.

What can you do to help?

Children are using Understanding of the World skills throughout their daily routines and activities. They need help to understand what understanding of the world is used for as it is around us all the time. You can do this by talking about science, nature, geography and history in your day-to-day routine. Children can get to know for example science words eg weighing ingredients in grams and litres, and how things work eg blenders, toasters and kettles. Discuss geography eg directions on a map or satnav, and history eg what happened yesterday, or when we were babies! We provide Understanding The World books and activities to borrow from our book and toy libraries – please ask staff if you are not sure how to do this.