Help your child become a reader !

  • All children, even tiny babies enjoy books, stories and rhymes – they need lots of opportunities to do this as this is how they will become a reader!
  • Sharing books with children, toddlers and babies is a great way to help them learn about their world
  • Talking about the pictures will help your child begin to talk
  • You can share books anywhere, any time and a bedtime story is a lovely way to end the day
  • Enjoying and sharing books will help your child to see them as a source of pleasure and interest


 How can I help my child to enjoy stories and rhymes?

cartoon 1        cartoon 2


  • Try to make time to enjoy books every day
  • Take time to look together at the words and pictures in a story
  • Use your hands and face as well as your voice – your child will love to see you smiling
  • Make funny noises e.g. animal sounds like woof, growl and hoot – this will really help to bring the story to life
  • Stories and rhymes can be shared with the whole family so why not invite siblings or other family members to join in?
  • Don’t be shy, relax and enjoy – if you are having fun so will your child