Ten Top Tips For Starting Nursery School

How can you help your child prepare for starting

Pastures Way Nursery School? Follow our top tips…


  • Give your child clothes, coats and shoes with easy fastenings e.g. slip on /  Velcro etc. – let your child try to get dressed independently


  • Encourage your child to  tidy away toys


  • Help your child use the toilet independently


  • Help your child wash and dry hands and face independently


  • Let your child feed themselves at mealtimes – give your child a ‘child – size’ knife, fork and spoon to use


  • Avoid using a bottle or dummy during the day – if your child still uses one


  • Make sure your child sleeps well during the week so that they come to nursery wide awake, in a good mood and ready to join in with us. Nursery staff are happy to help with sleep routines – please ask.


  • Give your child opportunities to be looked after by someone else – to help them learn to separate from you – e.g. relatives or good friends,  and even if it is only for an hour


  • Give your child opportunities to play with other children so that they learn to share, take turns and make friends


  • Turn off the TV, look at books together, have conversations with your child – to develop their language skills


Also – Meadows Children’s Centre runs family activities all year round including the summer holidays. Come along and join us – it’s a perfect way to help your child prepare for nursery. Please ask for a leaflet.