Here at Pastures Way Nursey School we provide many extra-curricular activities that we believe will extend children’s learning and enhance their experiences.

These activities are carefully chosen because of the benefits they provide children. During the year every child will get the opportunity to join one of these special groups.

Kick boxing

• supports children’s physical health
• supports emotional well-being.
• increases children’s confidence and self-esteem.
• improves children’s focus
• develops children’s attention skills
• develops children’s self-control


• develops children’s listening skills
• enhances children’s physical skills
• improves creativity


• teaches children about rhyme and rhythm
• develops skills needed to read
• improves memory
• supports musical development

Forest schools

• supports children’s physical health and emotion well-being.
• increases children’s confidence and self-esteem.
• provides children with lots of opportunities to communicate and problem solve.
• allows children to manage their own safety and learn about risk in a controlled environment.
• develops children’s understanding of the natural world


• help children learn to follow instructions
• supports mathematical and scientific concepts
• encourages independence
• teaches children about healthy lifestyles

School Council

• helps children learn about British Values
• encourages problem solving
• teaches children how to work together
• allows children to be involved in decisions about the school and what they learn

Afternoon Tea

• provides a reason for children to live by our values
• motivates children to be the best they can be
• supports children’s social skills

Ask your key person for more information

Kick Boxing Mondays
Ballet Mondays
Music Wednesdays
Forest Schools Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Cooking Thursdays
School Council Fridays
Afternoon Tea Fridays


If your child does not attend nursery on the day we run an activity we will invite them in to join the session or change the session time.