Spring Menu
WEEK 1 Main Moroccan lamb stew with apricot & vegetables Fish fingers Chicken, vegetables & bulgar wheat one pot Macaroni cheese Savoury mince beef
05-Mar-18 Vegetarian Moroccan vegetable, apricot & chickpea stew Vegetable fingers Vegetables, egg and bulgar wheat one pot as above Soya mince
16-Apr-18 Vegetables Included in main meal Baked beans & peas Included in meal Broccoli and carrots Mixed vegetables & cucumber sticks
14-May-18 Starch Couscous White & wholemeal rice Included in meal included in meal creamy mash potato
  Dessert Apple puree and custard Rice pudding served with a mixed berry compote Fromage fraise Home-made Chocolate & vanilla cookie Orange & lemon drizzle sponge
Week 2 Main Soya mince chilli con carne Creamy chicken & mushroom pasta Mackerel, mixed peppers & Sweetcorn couscous Mild lamb, spinach & coconut milk curry Cheese & tomato pizza
12-Mar-18 Vegetarian as above Creamy soya pieces and mushroom pasta Mixed peppers, Sweetcorn & haricot bean couscous Red lentils, spinach & coconut milk curry same as above
23-Apr-18 Vegetables Broad beans and Sweetcorn carrots & peas Included in main meal Diced cucumber & tomato salad Sweetcorn & sliced peppers
21-May-18 Starch Turmeric rice Wholewheat pasta in meal Included in main meal Wholewheat Chapattis (pizza base)
  Dessert Greek yogurt & honey Apricot shortbread biscuits Cherry Pie with custard Creamy rice pudding Fruit cocktail
Week 3 Main Mince lamb lasagne Yellow split peas, carrots & mixed pepper paella Beef, sweet potato & tomato one pot stew Basa in a cheese & herb sauce Home-made turkey burger in a bun
19th Mar 18 Vegetarian Soya mince lasagne Same as above Soya pieces, sweet potato & tomato one pot stew Vegetables in a cheese sauce Home-made lentil burger in a bun
30-Apr-18 Vegetables Cherry tomatoes & spinach & lettuce leaves Vegetables in main dishes Butterbeans & carrots Sliced mixed peppers & Peas Coleslaw & cucumber & tomato salsa
28-May-18 Starch Pasta in main dishes Rice in main dish Sweet potato in main Wholemeal bulgar wheat Included in main meal
  Dessert Banana sponge & custard Semolina Watermelon slices Oatmeal & cranberry cookies Fromage fraise
Week 4 Main Salmon and mixed vegetables Risotto Mince beef spinach & haricot beans burritos Soya mince bolognaise Shepherds pie Apple & cabbage chicken
26th Mar 18 Vegetarian Broad beans and mixed vegetable risotto Spinach & haricot beans burritos same as above Split yellow peas and mixed vegetable potato pie Apple & cabbage soya pieces
07-May-18 Vegetables In main meal Sweetcorn & Mixed peppers Green beans & cauliflower Mixed vegetables Green beans & cherry tomatoes
  Starch Risotto rice Quinoa Wholewheat & white spaghetti Potatoes with main Brown & white rice
  Dessert Semolina Fruit jelly Greek yogurt & honey Flapjack Pear sponge & custard
BREAKFAST: Supported self service breakfast  is offered daily with a selection of rice krispies, cornflakes, Weetabix and multigrain hoops, wholemeal toast, seasonal fruits, pancakes and yogurt. Water and full fat milk offered daily.  We only use healthy spreads.
SNACK: Cheese, tuna or salmon with wholemeal toast once a week, breadsticks, crackers, rice cakes, pitta bread, Houmous and vegetable and salad sticks is also offered during the week. Also on offer is a selection of seasonal fruits, water and full fat milk available daily. We cater for different dietary needs.
LUNCH: Please note vegetables may be subject to change but there will always be two choices of vegetables offered either separately or in the meal. We only use healthy oils and no added salt used in cooking. Water is always available during lunch.