July 2019

 Governing Body:

  Appointed Office Ends
Julius Kandekore 11.06.15 26.06.23
Vice Chair
Chris Thurston 03.12.15 02.12.19
Parent Governors    
Livia Cori-Watts 21.09.16 20.09.20
Atiqah Malek 09.02.17 08.02.21
Kyumah Onyemekwuru 13.09.18 12.09.22
Co-opted Governors    
Julius Kandekore 11.06.15 10.06.19
Chris Thurston 03.12.15 02.12.19
Debbie Wells 17.09.15 16.09.19
Kate Banville 03.12.15 09.02.21
Benjamin Harris 25.10.16 24.10.20


Local Authority Governor    
Staff Governors
Camelia Lee 20.09.16 19.09.20
Emma Pobjoy

There are currently 2 vacancies for Co-opted Governors and 1 vacancy for a Local Authority Governor

Clerk to the Governing Body

Debra King

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Pastures Way Nursery School

Pastures Way



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Head teacher’s report to Parents, July 2019

Introduction This year has given the leadership team a real chance to take a thorough look at policies and procedures to ensure that everything we do for the children is effective. This has included reviewing how we support children who have additional needs and a focus on children’s emotional development through work around our behaviour policy.  Alongside this we have had a focus on staff well-being to ensure staff are happy and have everything they need to do their job well.  Reflecting on the year this work has already begun to have a positive impact that is evident amongst staff and children.
Pupils This year we have continued to embed our natural thinker’s curriculum which has led to many exciting activities and learning experiences for children. We have also been trailing a range of activities in an attempt to extend our curriculum; this has included signing, aerobics, and yoga and relaxation activities.

We have also been busy reviewing the support offered for children with additional needs such as our multilingual learners, children who need support with wellbeing and our special needs children. This has focused around how we identify such children and a review of what interventions we offer.  Part of this has been the early Words Together Project aimed at families of children who need support with speech and language.



This year there have only been a few changes to staffing. One of these being the departure of Maria our SENCO who has moved on to new challenges in a different school.  At the end of the term we will also say goodbye to Aga and we wish her much luck.

Next year we are preparing for big changes to how staff in the 3-5s work. Rather than have three classes the staff will work as one unit hopefully resulting in a more collaborative way of learning in which staff can support each other a share good practice.  Please be assured that each family will still have a key person who will be there to support them and their child.

Staff Professional Development


In school staff had had opportunities throughout the year for bitesize training in a range of topics including: Math, Understanding of the World, SEN, toileting, more able children, assessments and growth mindsets.

Well done to Toyin, Catherine, Amber, Irsa and Theresa who have completed studies this year, as always further education has a positive impact on the setting.

In school staff had opportunities for much exciting training such as mental health support for children (and themselves) and training in signing.

Community We continue to get out and about in the community for a range of activities. This helps to support children’s understanding of the world and also gives them opportunities to contribute to community life.

Alongside that we want to ensure that parents are getting the support and opportunities they deserve. At the start of the year we asked parents what offer of services they would like to see.  From that we have been able to offer: support for children who are multilingual learners and first aid.  We really want to provide more for our families and all ideas are greatly received.

Environment Last year we had a big focus on decorating and maintenance of indoors so we are now looking forward to developing our outdoor area. Although we have started it is a long process so we look forward to updating both the 3-5s playground and Sycamore playground.


It is important here for us to highlight the cuts the government has made to nursery school funding. Although currently we have security if the government doesn’t make plans for extra funding our future may be compromised.  Currently we are working with the Local Authority to find ways to lobby the government to guarantee future funding.  We will of course keep you posted but in the meantime please be assured the nursery continue to provide the best possible support for children and families.
A final goodbye It is that sad time of year again where we wave our eldest off to start school in September. As always it is wonderful to watch all the children learn, play and grow during their time with us.  All that is left is to say now is goodbye and good luck to our families moving on and see you next year for more fun and learning to our returners.

Letter from the Chair of Governors

 Dear Parents & Carers

I’m very proud to say that 2018-2019 was another great year for Pastures Way Nursery. In my report last year I said that the governing body along with the Headteacher would be working hard in what, for the school, would be a challenging year as we were faced with implementing the Government changes to the funding formula that maintained nurseries receive regarding early years funding.

For the school this has meant that as a governing body along with the Headteacher we have sought to emphasize our priorities and preserve the core work the school provides in education and childcare provision. We will however as a governing body continue to strive to ensure that these financial pressures do not impact negatively on staff who continue to offer all our children a creative curriculum.

Looking forward, there are very serious long-term challenges ahead for all public sector nursery providers. With forward planning we will be better placed to meet those challenges. I am confident that we will continue to work within the constraints of a tight budget and become a stronger, if leaner nursery. That said, when I meet regularly with the Headteacher it is immensely gratifying as the Chair of Governors to see and hear first-hand the tremendous effort, dedication and care that the Headteacher and all staff continue to give to ensuring that children are given the very best of learning opportunities in all that the school provides. We are grateful to them all.

I am pleased to say that we have effective links and communication with you, as parents, carers and users of our services which is a vital ingredient of a successful school. If you would like to be a part of the school as a governor or have any questions you would like to ask me or put forward to the governing body, then please do not hesitate to get in touch via the school office.

Our achievements include:

The first nursery in Luton to achieve Natural Thinkers Accreditation 2018

Family Food First 2018

Please visit the school website for further details and lots more information about the school and day care provision.

Finally, if your child is about to leave the nursery for primary schooling, we wish them well as they continue onwards in their education. Like you, we are sure they will continue to grow, learn and develop in many ways. For those children who will be returning in September we look forward to seeing you and your child again.

As Chair of Governors, I would like to thank all those who help and support the School; our Staff, Parents, Carers, our Partnership agencies and all our Governors.


Kind regards

Julius Kandekore

Chair of Governors


Number on Roll: (as at May ’19 Census) = 147


Financial Period 18/19

Salaries 893,625
Other Staff Expenses 5,633
Development & Training 10,157
Premises Costs 61,878
Learning Resources (not ICT) 20,497
ICT 5,086
Administrative Supplies 10,080
Professional Services 35,657
Catering Supplies 14,914
Special Facilities 346
Capital Projects 6,084

Charitable Donations

£76 Red Nose Day

£50 Children in Need

£80Macmillan Cancer Support

£15 Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal


 Pastures Way Nursery School does not operate a catchment area. On leaving, children transfer to a wide range of schools, amongst them are; Southfields, St Martin de Porres,  Ferrars, Chantry,  Cheynes, Richmond Hill,  Lady Zia Wernher, Warden Hill and St. Josephs


 The school underwent a very successful joint Ofsted Inspection of childcare and education in September 2017. Reports are available from the office or downloaded from our website

Security Arrangements

  • The school has a comprehensive Health & Safety policy and has introduced a range of measures to improve security for adults and children.
  • The building has 2 entry points which are controlled from within the reception area.
  • Access to areas within the building are controlled by a fob system.
  • A Lockdown alert system is installed.
  • The site is protected by a high fence, car park barrier and CCTV.
  • Children are to be collected only by known parents/carers.
  • There are telephone links within the building.

Children with Special Educational Needs

Pastures Way Nursery School is a fully inclusive setting. We are a resourced provision for a small number of children with severe and complex needs.  Our policy is to ensure equality of opportunity for all our children.

Policy Documents

A number of the most relevant policies regarding educational and day to day practices are available to view on the website and on request from the office. Policies are updated on a rolling programme.

Freedom of Information Act

A publication scheme setting out all the information we publish and where to find it is available on request.

General Data Protection Regulations

The nursery has been audited for compliance. Governors review GDPR termly.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted in the school or its boundaries at any time.

Mobile Phone Policy

In the interesting of safeguarding children, it is not permitted to use your mobile phone in nursery.

Issues Addressed by the Governing Body in the year April 2018 – March 2019

1. Property/Health & Safety

  • Access For the Disabled
  • Accident Statistics (termly)
  • Health & Safety Inspection
  • School Security
  • Capital Projects
  • Community Use of Premises

2. Personnel/Finance

  • Budget Setting & Monitoring
  • Staffing
  • Staff welfare including monitoring of absences
  • Performance Management of Headteacher
  • Staff Training & Professional Development
  • Deputy Head Post
  • Scale of Charges
  • Monitor of; Register of Gifts & Hospitality Log, Theft/Fraud & Concerns Log, Write Offs
  • Capital Projects
  • Schools Financial Value Standards
  • National Benchmarking
  • GDPR

 3. Curriculum/SEN Learning Support

  •   School Plan – termly monitoring of progress
  • OFSTED targets
  • Governor focussed visits
  • Achievements and Targets

·         Curriculum Priorities

·         School Self Evaluation Form

·         Special Educational Needs

·         Safeguarding & Looked After Children

Continuing Professional Development

The school has a comprehensive programme of Appraisal. We arrange high quality training for staff on a regular basis to contribute to the needs of the school and for their own development.

Training and Professional Development April 18 – March 19

Training has been undertaken by staff representatives in the following areas:-

5 to Thrive Planning for Lockdown
Mental Health Train the Trainer
Safeguarding Understanding the World
Speech & Language Development The World Through My Eyes
GDPR Talk for All
Bilingualism in Early Childhood Girls & Autism
Minibus Training Selective Mutism
First Aid Common Childhood Illnesses
Supporting Staff & Wellbeing Mental Health 1st Aid
Forced Marriage & Honour Killing Staff Wellbeing
Epipen Acquired Brain Injury Workshop
PAT testing Paediatric First Aid Level 3
Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Training undertaken by governors include; New Governor Induction, GDPR,       Safeguarding, Headteacher Appraisal