July 2020 


Governing Body:


  Appointed Office Ends
Chris Thurston 03.12.15 02.12.23
Vice Chair
Atiqah Malek 09.02.17 12.02.24
Parent Governors    
Kyumah Onyemekwuru 13.09.18 12.09.22
Sophia Adams 02.03.20 01.03.24
Michelle Hack 21.01.20 20.01.24
Co-opted Governors    
Chris Thurston 03.12.15 02.12.23
Debbie Wells 17.09.15 16.09.23
Cam Lee 26.09.19 25.09.23
Bev Alger 26.09.19 25.09.23
Atiqah Malek 09.02.17 12.02.24
2 X Vacancies    


Local Authority Governor    
Staff Governors
Ayesher Geary 26.09.19 25.06.23
Emma Pobjoy


There are currently 2 vacancies for Co-opted Governors and 1 vacancy for a Local Authority Governor


Clerk to the Governing Body


Debra King

c/o Pastures Way Nursery School

Pastures Way


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Head teacher’s report to Parents, July 2020


Introduction This was not the year any of us were expecting and of course like everything else school life has been seriously rocked by Covid-19.

There was such as positive start to the year with new children settling well, staff building their skills and offering more than they ever have before. We really had exciting plans for progression and development across the nursery for all including children, parents and staff.

After making such a brilliant start in March Covid-19 meant we had to close our doors to the majority of children.   This however in no way meant we weren’t still there for our families.

Staff quickly adapted to the new way of working.   We have had some staff offering in school care whilst others have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, supporting families, offering advice, planning for the future, engaging with school improvement and of course importantly, looking after themselves and others.

I cannot say enough how proud I am of all the staff for their hard work. They have shown care and dedication to the families at Pastures Way throughout this difficult time.

The future of course at the moment is uncertain but we look forward to the day we will be back at school. We are in the midst of making plans to reopen. This is a huge task with so many considerations and I would like to thank all our families for their patience and understanding whilst we do this.

Pupils After successfully settling new children in autumn term staff had been working in groups and individually to enhance and develop the curriculum we offer to the children.   This is a huge task and staff have continued to work on this throughout the year and during lockdown.

In the spring term staff began to extend and support an exciting new range of learning opportunities for the children. These extra-curricular activities have included Flavour School sessions, yoga, natural thinkers, music and movement and much more. We are excited to see the impact of these opportunities when we introduce them and more next year.

Staff have also worked hard to enhance provision for children in the following areas:

SEN support


Language development

Behavior management

Mindfulness and relaxation



This year Liz began her role as SENCO and we have already seen improvements in the systems we have for supporting children with SEN as well as communication and support for parents.

Staff in Orchard changed how they work in September and had moved to a much more collaborative approach to teaching and learning. Children have responded well to this and it seems to have been successful in supporting their educational development as well as their wellbeing. We look forward to next year where we can hopefully continue with this way of working.

We have introduced a number of new staff over the year including: midday supervisors: Jennica and Lucy, new early years workers Becky F, Katy, Aasia and Alecia and our new site staff Andy and Joanne.   All have already well settled and do great things to support the nursery and your children.

Paul our caretaker has now retired, we thank him for his hard work and commitment to the school over the years. We hope he now takes a well-earned rest.

Environment Before the children even returned in September staff were busy in school preparing and uplifting the environment. Staff and volunteers completed work outside. Class teams worked together to organize resources and create a visually engaging environment that encourages independence and learning. I know staff have been constantly reviewing and upgrading the environment to ensure it meets the needs of the children and families. This is something that has continued from home with staff making their own resources and planning for the return to school. Next year we are hoping to start work on an exciting project to further revive our outdoor area.


We were relieved to learn that the Government are to continue to fund nursery schools until April 2021 with hope that there after there will be announcement of our longer term funding plan.
A final goodbye This year the goodbye to our leavers is going to look very different. I know children and families as well as staff will be hugely disappointed to not to be taking part in our graduation ceremony. As well as this the transition process to new schools will clearly not be as engaging as it is in normal circumstances. We want to assure families we will work closely with you to ensure that your children are still well supported with the transition and ready to start school in September.


Governors Annual Report to Parents July 2019/20

Letter from the Chair of Governors


Dear Parents & Carers

2019-2020 has been a year unlike any that we have seen before! The year started off so positively by settling in those children new to the Nursery and welcoming back the students who attended previously. After making such a positive start, in March Covid 19 meant that we had to close our doors to the majority of children. However I believe the year continued in a positive way as despite all that was going on it shows the dedication and hard work of the Headteacher and the teaching and non-teaching staff members that so much has continued in supporting the young people that attend Pastures Way. This has included staying open for key-worker children but also providing so much support to families through this difficult time.


While it seems a long time ago now that so much has changed, we started the year under the cloud of an impending funding crisis that was to hit nursery schools as detailed in my predecessor’s letter last year. The lack of clarity around funding put all members of staff in a very difficult situation where it was not clear what the future held. Despite this the Nursery entered the year with a firm plan to emphasize our priorities and preserve the core work the school provides in education and childcare provision something that can only be accomplished with the support of all members of staff. It therefore came as a relief that the government has agreed to fund nursery schools through April 2021 and we hope that further long-term funding will be announced at a later date. Whilst this takes the pressure off the immediate future of nursery schools it has allowed for the focussing of what expenditure is of the highest importance and this is something that should see financial benefits for years to come.

Looking forward, there are still long-term challenges ahead for all public sector nursery providers. With forward planning we will be better placed to meet those challenges ahead. It is always heart-warming when I get the opportunity to discuss the future of the Nursery as there is so much passion from both the Headteacher and all members of staff who wish to ensure that Pastures Way continues to go from strength to strength.

The communication with parents, carers and users of our services is critical to the success of the Nursery and I am pleased that we continue to have these effective links and levels of communication with you. I believe it is at times like these that these links are especially important, and I was incredibly proud to see the way the staff have tried to support families through this time.

If you would like to be a part of the school as a governor or have any questions you would like to ask me or put forward to the governing body, then please do not hesitate to get in touch via the school office.

Please visit the school website for further details and lots more information about the school and day care provision.

Finally, if your child is about to leave the nursery for primary schooling, we wish them well as they continue onwards in their education. Like you we are sure they will continue to grow, learn and develop in many ways. For those children who will be returning in September we look forward to seeing you and your child again.

As Chair of Governors, I would like to thank all those who help and support the School, our Staff, Parents, Carers, our Partnership agencies and all our Governors.

Kind regards

Chris Thurston

Chair of Governors


Number on Roll: (as at May ’20 Census) = 118



Financial Period 2019/20


Salaries 873,244
Other Staff Expenses 6,502
Development & Training 7,795
Premises Costs 53,279
Learning Resources (not ICT) 8,119
ICT 6,825
Administrative Supplies 8,743
Professional Services 26,935
Catering Supplies 14,508
Special Facilities 335
Capital Projects 7,416
Total Expenditure 1,013,701



 Pastures Way Nursery School does not operate a catchment area. On leaving, children transfer to a wide range of schools, amongst them are; Southfields, St Martin de Porres, Ferrars, Chantry, Cheynes, Richmond Hill, Lady Zia Wernher, Warden Hill and St. Josephs


 The school underwent a very successful joint Ofsted Inspection of childcare and education in September 2017. Reports are available from the office or downloaded from our website

Security Arrangements


  • The school has a comprehensive Health & Safety policy and has introduced a range of measures to improve security for adults and children.
  • The building has 2 entry points which are controlled from within the reception area.
  • Access to areas within the building are controlled by a fob system.
  • A Lockdown alert system is installed.
  • The site is protected by a high fence, car park barrier and cctv.
  • Children are to be collected only by known parents/carers.
  • There are telephone links within the building.


Children with Special Educational Needs

Pastures Way Nursery School is a fully inclusive setting. We are a resourced provision for a small number of children with severe and complex needs. Our policy is to ensure equality of opportunity for all our children. 

Policy Documents

A number of the most relevant policies regarding educational and day to day practices are available to view on the website and on request from the office. Policies are updated on a rolling programme.

Freedom of Information Act

A publication scheme setting out all the information we publish and where to find it is available on request.

General Data Protection Regulations

The nursery has been audited for compliance. Governors review GDPR termly.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted in the school or its boundaries at any time.

Mobile Phone Policy

In the interests of safeguarding children, it is not permitted to use your mobile phone in nursery.

Issues Addressed by the Governing Body in the year April 2019 – March 2020

  1. Property/Health & Safety
  • Access For the Disabled
  • Accident Statistics (termly)
  • Health & Safety Inspections
  • School Security
  • Capital Projects
  • Community Use of Premises
  • Covid19


2. Personnel/Finance

  • Budget Setting & Monitoring
  • Staffing
  • Staff welfare and wellbeing including monitoring of absences
  • Performance Management of Headteacher
  • Staff Training & Professional Development
  • Deputy Head Post
  • Scale of Charges
  • Monitor of; Register of Gifts & Hospitality Log, Theft/Fraud & Concerns Log, Write Offs
  • Capital Projects
  • Schools Financial Value Standards
  • National Benchmarking
  • GDPR


3. Curriculum/SEN Learning Support

·         School Plan – termly monitoring of progress including review of Data

  • OFSTED targets
  • Governor focussed visits
  • Achievements and Targets

·         Curriculum Priorities

·         School Self Evaluation Form

·         Special Educational Needs

·         Safeguarding & Looked After Children

  • Childcare including holiday care


Continuing Professional Development

The school has a comprehensive programme of Appraisal. We arrange high quality training for staff on a regular basis to contribute to the needs of the school and for their own development.

Training and Professional Development April 19 – March 20

Training has been undertaken by staff representatives in the following areas:-

De-escalation & Positive Handling Conflict Management
Family Food First Nutrition & Physical Activity Managing Absence
Positive Handling Implications of the new Framework
Bilingualism in Early Childhood Subject Leadership
PEEP Maths in Early Years
Social Stories & Comic Strip Conversation Transactional Analysis
Relay Workshop Staff Wellbeing
SEMH Series Talking Takes Off
Lego Therapy Paediatric First Aid
Difficult Conversations Deep Dive in EYFS
Voice of the Pre-Verbal Child Phonics
Attention Autism Effective Negotiating Skills
  • Training undertaken by governors include; New Governor Induction, GDPR, Safeguarding, Health & Safety, Finance, Chairing Skills.