International Miro Project

Here is some information about our project…

Through our partnership with Northampton University, Pastures Way Nursery School took part in an action research project to find out how using the work of the Spanish artist Joan Miro could deepen children’s thinking and learning.


miro project


Sue and Toyin went to an international conference in Italy in the first week of October to share our findings and to see what other settings in Europe have been doing. Here is Toyin climbing on to the coach with Ellie the travelling teddy (causing some confusion as Ellie, the Team Leader in Toddler 1, stayed behind in nursery…).




Here is the entrance to the conference. The Italian poster has the title of the conference: ‘Beauty, Children, Miro and Contemporary Art’.

Seven nursery settings took part in the project from England.

Here are Northampton University findings:

 Northampton University Miro Project Conclusions

  • The impact of the Miro Project had been more far reaching than anyone could have anticipated
  • Each project was totally unique and was led by the children
  • The children were excited and learning was co-constructed by interested and curious children and adults
  • Families became more engaged
  • Communities were involved
  • Practitioners were empowered and developed their own ‘communities of practice’
  • Reflection and dialogue was deeper and more meaningful
  • Practitioner felt empowered,excited and described feelings of self-worth and pride


Photos from the International Miro Project

As you can see below from babies through to our over 3s, the children were fascinated by the paintings and sculptures of Miro and applied his techniques to their own work.

The Baby Room and Toddler 1 children looked at Miro paintings then made their own…

The Baby Room

 baby 1    baby 2

Toddler 1

int-3 int-4

Toddler 2

Toddler 2 looked at Miro’s sculptures then made their own from mod- roc and painted it in the bright colours that Miro liked to use on his sculptures…

int-7    int11

int55    int-8


Over 3s

The children looked closely at Miro’s work and then used found objects to create ‘transient art’  pictures…

drawing     miro project 2

miro project 3

After looking carefully at the face on the Miro painting stuck to the back of the chair one of the children made the face below…

miro project 4