School improvement Plan 2020-2021

Area of Development Target Focused Developments Success Criteria Evidenced By
Outcomes for Pupils To increase the progress of children with additional needs Review of, and training in interventions and support.

SEN moderation.

EYPP: SWOT completed and plan made for interventions.

MLL: SWOT completed and plan made for interventions.

Record-keeping processes improved

5 steps of progress to be made by our MLL and EYPP children.

EYPP learning experiences planned in accordance with the needs of individual children.

Clear recording system for use of EYPP funding.

EAL children to make good progress in speaking





Individual learning plans.



Finance recording systems.


Quality of Teaching and Learning To develop a curriculum that maps out clear pathways of progression and development in children’s learning resulting in better outcomes for children Learning pathways for Maths, Phonics, Reading, Key Skills, Knowledge.

Curriculum Policy to be rewritten.

Incorporation of the new EYFS

There is a clear learning pathway that staff can understand and use to plan for children’s next steps in learning.

Staff know and teach from a list of key skills and knowledge.

Children to make at least 4 steps of progress in Maths and Reading

Curriculum design, data and planning





Curriculum design and planning



Leadership To develop staff accountability in preparation for Ofsted by reviewing and developing roles and responsibilities at each level Role review with all staff clarifying expectations at different levels.

Development of leadership team.   Support senior leadership to monitor and improve staff development.

Development of staff to lead a focused area through school improvement.

Increasing staff’s personal value in relation to their role.

Continual monitoring of team building and well-being

Staff will have clear knowledge of, and can communicate that school’s success and areas of development.

Staff will be confident to challenge and coach others for the benefit of school improvement.

Staff can communicate the role they play in supporting the school’s improvement.

Staff will feel valued and understand the importance of their own role as well as everyone else’s.

Staff appraisals will specifically set targets to support and encourage this process

Observation and appraisal processes.





Observation and school improvement meeting notes.

Well-being surveys and supervision.

Staff appraisals.

Behaviour and Safety To develop a hearts and minds curriculum to support children’s outcomes in well-being, PSED and self-care Learning Pathways for specific areas.

Review of, and plan for implementation of extra-curricular activities.

Implementation of family worker sessions to support settling, behaviour, well-being and healthy lifestyle.

Natural Thinkers review.

Values review

The school will have a clear timetable of activities to support a hearts and minds curriculum that focuses on well-being, behaviour and healthy lifestyles led by both the family worker and staff.

All children will have opportunities to engage in activities designed to engage the heart and mind.

The Natural Thinkers ethos will be clear and evident throughout all we do.

Values will be evident in the actions and words of staff and children.

Children’s outcomes in PSED will be good.

Children’s well-being levels will improve over the year

Curriculum design and planning.













Observations and environment audits.


Observations of staff and children.





Funding and Sustainability To balance the three year budget OC

Review of spending.

Reduction of SLA’s.

Review of roles and responsibilities to ensure value for money

The 3-year budget will balance.

The deficit created by the holiday club to be reduced/removed.

Process and procedures throughout the nursery will be completed by the right people to ensure value for money


Budgeting monitoring.


Audit of provision.