Our vision at Pastures Way Nursery School is to create a setting where children are:

 ‘Learning through play in a nurturing way’

We are a school for all, that encourages and celebrates learning. We believe we shouldn’t just ‘teach’ children we should help them to learn. We do this through our system of values. Starting with the value of companionship. High level of engagement between staff and children or children and children help learning occur through ‘a more knowledgeable other’, someone who supports learning through play in a nurturing way.

Love is an important value at our school and children are encouraged to love themselves, each other and the environment. We see the environment as an educator and the staff as facilitators to learning. The learning environment is rich and is developed through collaboration with the children and their families, they are our key stakeholders and help us make decisions about what we do.

We pride ourselves on our creative curriculum which offers children exciting, challenging experiences in our natural environment. We believe children learn through play, first-hand experience and meaningful conversation. They make sense of the world through exploring and experimenting. We support children’s learning by stimulating their natural curiosity and encouraging independence.

All of this helps our children develop the value of belief, mainly a special belief in themselves which leads to a confidence to become lifelong learners.