Our School

Our school is situated in the Lewsey Farm area of Luton. As a Luton Borough Council maintained Nursery School we offer 15 hours per week free Early Years Education to children aged 3 – 5 years old. This time can be used flexibly (subject to availability) although studies show that regular Monday – Friday attendance is best for children. There is no charge for these places. The school also offers a range of childcare 0-5 years including breakfast and after school care, which you may purchase to suit your needs. We are non-profit making and fees are kept as low as possible.

At Pastures Way Nursery School we aim:

  • To provide a welcoming, safe and stimulating learning environment
  • To nurture self esteem and respect
  • To encourage curiosity, independence, active learning and attainment
  • To develop and foster a learning culture that helps children become successful, enthusiastic and independent learners
  • To promote good health and enjoyment. We have achieved the ‘Healthy Eating Award’ and prepare food on the premises. We purchase most of our fruit and veg. from a locally sourced supplier
We believe children learn through play, first hand experience and meaningful conversation. They make sense of the world through exploring and experimenting. We support children’s learning by stimulating their natural curiosity and encouraging independence.