Children and young people may experience a wide range of social and emotional difficulties which manifest themselves in many ways. These may include becoming withdrawn or isolated, as well as displaying challenging, disruptive or distressing behaviour. Some children and young people may have disorders such as attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder or attachment disorder.

How we support our children with SEND in this area

Children are supported to spend time with peers and tolerate social situations. Turn taking activities are introduced with a high level of adult support at first and then slowly peers are introduced allowing the adult to step away. Children are supported to take part in structured parallel play sessions using a physical barrier to prompt turn taking.

Recognising and managing emotions/feelings can be extremely difficult for our children with SEND. Children are supported to recognise how they are feeling through mirror play and sign4feelings. The adult role models the emotion that the child is expressing and supports them to sign it. Adults are in tune with the children and support them to regulate their emotions/feelings.

Please see below for some of our strategies and Interventions:

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