Moving up from 2-3s to the 3-4s Nursery

Most children move from the 2-3s room up to the 3-4s room shortly after their 3rd birthday or when staff feel they are ready for a more structured environment. This is also dependent on spaces being available for them.

Staff work hard to make sure the transition between rooms is managed well, so that children are ready to make the emotional adjustment, and wherever possible, they are moved up with their friends.

The children will visit the 3-4s room beforehand and their teachers will support them, so that they can get to know the new staff and routines.

Parents are also invited to get to know the staff, especially the children’s key workers, at pre-admission sessions.

Moving on to ‘Big School’

When it is time for the children to move to ‘Big School’ the nursery will work closely with local infant and primary schools, and arrange pre-entry visits. The receiving school will also be sent a written report showing the children’s progress and attainment.

We invite the teachers and family workers of our main feeder schools in to have a meeting where we can share information to ensure that the school is aware of each child’s individual needs. In addition to this, schools often send a Family Worker/ Teacher to visit and meet with the children moving on to their school, at some time in the Summer Term.

Wherever possible, staff arrange group visits, taking the children to their new school and class.

Your child’s new school will also invite you to visit them directly – please do go, as they will give you valuable information about their school and how you can both work together to support your child.

If you have any questions about Transitions, please ask to speak to the Class Teacher.